Night Time

Oh yeah! It’s night for 2016..

After all is said and done, all is assessed and criticized, 2016 was a beautiful year for me.

I started the year fighting God and determined to part ways with Him. I was certain, He would let me, He didn’t. So although 2016 might have seen me at my moral and spiritual lowest points, it also saw me at my best. It saw me deliberately do bad stuff but it saw me turn away too.

2016 saw me crushing. It saw me loving. It saw me losing. It saw a lot of secret giggles and tears. It saw friends that literally lifted me up. It saw people who became landmarks. Good, bad and terribly ugly landmarks.

2016 saw me discover God’s stubborn righteousness. I won’t say it saw me loving myself because I have always loved myself. It did see me become less selfish though.

2016…. I graduated. I got a job. I got into something that put a restriction on the one thing I told myself I would do once I graduated. Don’t worry boo, wherever you are, whoever you are, I’ll recognize you when I see you. At the right time. Until then, I’m gonna be making sure you see Proverbs 31 when you see me.

Many times this year, I listened. So I heard. Give this out, accept this request, stop talking to this person.

Goodnight 2016. You were beautiful. But I know 2017 will be way hotter. I’m in for the fun ride.

Ciao, ClandieChi.



Hello people… today I’m celebrating an amazing friend of mine. Some months back, we were talking about poetry and I asked him to share one of his poems. He did.

I like to call this The Backslider’s Poem. it is a call to come back home. It is especially for believers (yea, cos it’s all about Jesus). You will see what I mean as you read through, so please do.



Hey you…
When was the last time we spoke?
We’ve walked together all this while
Yet our hearts remain miles apart
You used to be my carbon-copy, my facsimile
You once held the key to my heart
Please tell me this is all a joke

Hey, can you hear me…?
How are we so close and still so distant?
I so long to experience those times again
When our hearts melted for each other
And our bond was strong and unfeigned
When we were best of friends – more like brothers
I can’t just imagine this is happening – I can’t

Hey, listen to me…
How did we let this get out of hand?
I’d tell you what happened to us
You abandoned me for those ‘dogs’ – yes you did
You let my voice wane and like a virus
They have eaten up your conscience – sordid!
Oh, that you heeded my warning beforehand

Hey, talk to me…
When are you coming back? Today?
I have terribly missed you
You know you’ve been away since December
Please talk to me, tell me you miss me too
Return to your body – that’s our home remember
So what do you say?

Hey, let me remind you…
Our union is so potent – you remember yeah?
You know you can’t conquer the world alone
You know you’re just a mind, a soul
And guess what, you belong to me – you’re my very own
So return home anyhow – no worries we’d be whole
And let’s conquer the world again – year after year

Hey, it’s me…
It’s your spirit speaking
Your body and I are waiting…

So there, hope you enjoyed that and got the message. Happy birthday Uzo… thanks for sharing.

Ciao, ClandieChi.

In a fix.

I should,
Stop twisting the gospel to find a better fit for me
Yea, it’s technically legal but is it spiritually appropriate?
Hiding behind a smile and
Sinning in the shadows and
On and on in an outward show of extremism
But with an inward life of negativism.

Still He loves and gives and waits.
Not because I deserve it,
Or cos I am the best person to receive it.
Not because I deserve it,
Or cos I am the best person to receive it.

I’m always fighting His love
Loving the things of old
Old ways that seemingly irresistibly I
I choose to drown myself in
Inward bleeding, outwards giving
Giving off fakies that I’m fine
Finely fading away
Away into the oblivion that is a life without Christ.

Cos I set my own standards
And so lost I, my ID card
Ignored the mirror of His word
That held the description of his wards
Supposedly running the Christian race
But surely falling out of grace

I should,
Stop twisting the gospel to find a better for me
Yes, It’s technically legal but is it spiritually appropriate?
Hiding in the shadows and
Smiling in sin and
Off and off from the pearl gate
May I not stay off till it’s too late.

Inspired by Janette Iks and 1 Corinthians 6:12. Have a great day y’all.

Ciao ClandieChi.

My LL.B story

Hi there…

Last post I gave y’all some gist on how I got into school and all. I’m gonna give you some more gist and hopefully I’ll find some picture to make the read better.

Ok, so you already know how I got in. First year was just there for me. I wasn’t into school and and by the end of first semester, I was definitely not into law. Law 101 was boring. 102 was worse. And I loved my psychology course. Didn’t think about switching though.

I found FECA and I’m the better person for it. I mean I can imagine what I’ll be like if I didn’t join FECA. It was like my major growth stimulant or should I say catalyst? I thank God for them everyday.

200 level was also just there. I moved from school and started living solo. I loved it. I could scatter my room and come back to find my paperback exactly where I left it. Life! Lol, I missed my roomie though and this time I had a housemate.

First time I saw him, I was so angry because I knew he was in law, he was my senior and I wasn’t ready for anybody to be able to poke nose into my business. At home and in school. Even worse, I found out he was the ‘cooking’ type as opposed to my gala_indomie type of person. Lord, where exactly did I go wrong to deserve this?

“jeez! You are going to be living with a boy?” “Eew, are you guys gonna share the same toilet and bathroom? Guys can be so dirty” “hmmmm, you have grown ooh. You are now living with men. No 9 month course though”. I heard all those and more. It didn’t matter that I was living in a theological college. All that mattered to some people was that I had to use a bathroom with a guy.

But then, Ola-Amala (Ola is the name, Amala is the favorite food. In my opinion though.)was bae and boo at the same time. Of course, his idea of okro soup is an abomination to my Igbo mind but… In law, in life, this one is a friend. My egbon. And he didn’t ever ever leave dirty toilet for me. I left plent dirty dishes for him though. And he NEVER nagged. When I used the last bucket of water or his plates and spoons and then forks and disappeared. When I hijacked his laptop to watch movies or locked his iron in my room so he had to wear rumpled clothes. When I was sick and told him to buy 3 bottles of coke for me. Lol, I’m still owing the money for that one. Hmmm, I’ve met people in this my life sha.

So yea, he’s part of my LL.B. story. By the way, he got called to the bar some days ago. Bros is a barrister and solicitor of the supreme court right now. Looking up to that.

Have a nice day folks,
Ciao, ClandieChi.

Across the Bridge.

In 2011, I was in secondary school and all the rave was JAMB at that moment. Everybody was looking forward to tertiary education. Well, everyone minus me. I was scared to death of going to the university. The tales I had heard were just horrible. I was not ready to meet lecturers who demanded for sex and I liked the freedom of walking on the street safely colour-blocking,-any colour of my choice- not because my boyfriend was the capon of a cult in school but just because.

Of course I had to write JAMB but my dream school (UniJos) was having issues and I didn’t want to be in school anyway so I put in University of Maiduguri. In Borno State. Lol, I knew nobody was gonna let me smell that place.

My father found out and told me to change my choice of school. My grandfather suggested University of Ibadan. “It is a very good school, you know. Your uncle went there and studied medicine”. Ok ooh. I changed it to UI. Prior to that time, Ibadan was just a place on the map.

So I applied, got in at first trial and on my 17th birthday, my family had a thanksgiving in church. For their beautiful daughter and future lawyer.

5 years, 10 semesters and 58 exams later, I’m here. I’m done. Oh, there’s still law school and service but I’m done. I’m taller, my pimples seem to be getting tired of having conventions on my face and the nickname Clandie stuck. UI played me 5-0 though, if you catch my drift.

Alright, those things have nothing to do with my graduation. Point is, God has been faithful through the years. And right now, it is my fundamental human right to be.mushy and emotional about it. I’m still finding my way with the law but I’ll be fine. I know that one.

Congrats people, your girl just got into the LL.B. game. B.L. next.

Ciao, ClandieChi.

Day 1

Hi. Happy birthday to me. Thank you. I don’t feel strange today or any different. Just very thankful that God kept me till this moment. Right now, my whole body aches from all the weeding I had to do yesterday and Friday and I got shocked by electricity a few minutes ago. That thing is crazy but I’m fine. Very fine. All the excitement is replaced by a very sober feeling that God didn’t have to sustain me but He did.

That was the intended intro for my last birthday post but my phone started acting up and I couldn’t upload anything. I start exams tomorrow and yea, my birthday was great because I wasn’t thinking of exams the next day. Plus I got some really pleasant surprises…

Well before I get into all that- because I can go on and on in that state – let’s get to business. The top of everything in Year 21.

Song- Actually it’s songs. Onyeuwaoma by Nikki Laoye and Banky W (What a combination). Charles, God bless you for giving me this one. Another song I’m saving for boo. The other song is Loving me by Jonathan Mcreynolds. I love this song. The lyrics are like my personal words to God right down to the part where he sings about God loving him even with the pimples on his face… Soul brother or nah?

Moment- #Exousia concert. I gotta tell you guys that worship is just bae. And I’m not saying this just because Nikki was there. Yea, I got a picture with her but it was great just worshipping. No talk, nothing. Of course it made me wonder why my voice was so croaky.

New Friend- Uzoma…my friend in everything. This one is almost like a miracle because we became friends in a way I told myself I would never make friends. God had other plans, probably had a good laugh too. There is too much to say so let’s stop there.

Scripture- Psalm 16:7 I will praise the Lord who counsels me; even at night my heart instructs me.
This may seem figurative but I know that it happens live. This scripture has been one of my top prayer points… Lord, even in my night seasons, instruct me. Then when I sleep, instruct me still.

Movie- God’s not dead 2. I saw this movie just a few nights ago. If you have seen it, then you get why it can be my no 1. If you haven’t, please, grab your copy now!!!

Trip- Akure. Ok, this one was all Sola (from Day 2 ) inspired and it was a #first trip. It was short but great. I met some of the tallest guys I have ever seen. Saw shoes that were size 49.5 – 50. God is just beautiful is His diversity. Got to watch a basketball game and I’m goner. I wonder why football is a biggie… It’s not even half as exciting as B-Ball. However, the trip to and from Akure was really bad. Had to add that.

Bucketlist item- Make new friends. Actually I think what I want to do is have stronger friendships. It was a bit hard coming up with new friends for this post. So by my next birthday, I hope I have stronger friendships… With more females of course.

Picture Time. So this is me some few years back…


And this is the nine shades of Clandie…


Have a great day sweeties. It was great doing this countdown with y’all. Thanks for following. Thanks for sharing. Do let me know what you think because feedback is another bae.

Ciao, ClandieChi.

Day 2

Tomorrow is my birthday, just like that. I’ll be quick today. I hope I can be quick today, because tomorrow is also the Annual Harvest at my church… Y’all are invited.

Song- Only You by Nikki Laoye. I got to say that I fell in love with Nikki this year. Heard her sing this song at #Exousia and I just started tripping.

Moment- First time at UI zoo… It’s funny that the zoo has always been there and I went for the first time a few weeks to my final exams. There was this lion that just kept staring at me and the cobra that expanded its head for my eyes only. Let’s not talk about the annoying  co-primates I saw there…

New Friend- Adesola. The first non-FECAite on the list. Funny thing is we’ve been friends for less than 2 months. That zoo visit? Was with him. My first basketball game? Same thing. Striking Ondo off my tour list? Him again.

Scripture- Psalm 3:5 I lie down and sleep; I wake again, because the Lord sustains me. This is one of my ageless favorite scriptures. Year in, year out. A daily reminder that it’s all God. From the basics to the complex, God’s got me and all the formulas to the various equations in my life.

Movie- Suicide Squard. Will Smith, my boo and Viola Davis. Another action movie I was so scared to watch but it turned out well.

Trip- Edo again. This time, to Benin city. Went for a FECA meeting. Met Etinosa from Day 6 and Jioke from Day 3 at this meeting.

Bucketlist Item- Ditch carbonated drinks for at least 3 months. Who am I kidding? However, I would really love to give it a try.

Gallery gallery on my phone, which picture do we have today?


That’s me, reciting the poem Africa by David Diop. I was about 7 or 8. That wrapper wasn’t tied properly and I was scared it would ruin my hyped performance but then, God was my sustainer. Back to now…

One of the white days...

Yea yea….  Have a beautiful Saturday people… Much love.

Ciao, ClandieChi.